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Experimental Aircraft Transceivers


The ADS600-EXP™ is a remote mounted Universal Access Transceiver (UAT).

  • Meets performance requirements of TSO-C154c
  • Transmits SDA = 2, SIL = 3
  • Provides Traffic and Weather via Wifi or RS-232
  • Internal Wifi
  • Connects to optional TransMonSPE for control panel and altitude encoder input
  • Note:
    The ADS600-EXP meets the ADS-B Final Rule Technical Amendment, dated 2/9/2015, affecting 14 CFR 91.225 (b)(1)(ii) which permits ADS-B OUT in the NAS with devices that meet the performance requirements of TSO-C154c

    NavWorx reserves the right to change pricing and specifications at any time.

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Certified Aircraft Transceivers

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The ADS600-B™
is a remote mounted Universal Access Transceiver (UAT).

  • TSO/STC for 2020 ADS-B OUT mandate
  • Internal ADS-B Compliant WAAS GPS
  • Certified ADS-B Receiver for upcoming certified ADS-B IN applications.
  • Provides Traffic and Weather to various displays.
  • Wifi Capable (optional Wifi Adapter)
  • Two simultaneous display capability
  • Uses any existing Mode-C transponder - no need to replace your existing transponder.

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Certified Aircraft Receivers – GPS

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The ADS600™
is our offering of a TSO/STC UAT receiver for displaying traffic and weather when 1090ES ADS-B OUT is already installed in your aircraft.

  • TSO/STC/AML for GA aircraft
  • Internal ADS-B Compliant WAAS GPS
  • Certified ADS-B Receiver for upcoming certified ADS-B IN applications
  • Provides Traffic and Weather to numerous displays
  • Wifi Capable with optional Wifi Module
  • Two simultaneous display capability
  • Can be upgraded to ADS600-B OUT at any time
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Portable Transceiver

Announcing the PADS-B

The PADS®-B is a Portable ADS-B Transceiver with UAT OUT and Dual-Band ADS-B IN. Stop compromising with ADS-B IN devices and get ALL of the traffic near your aircraft. Displays Traffic and Weather on iPad/iPhone/Android devices via built-in Wifi. We took the design straight out of our TSO/STC certified ADS600-B product, miniaturized it, and created the PADS-B.

Special Introductory pre-order pricing


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